Project and goals

Integrate. Promote. Develop. Umbria goes to China.

Casa Umbria: Integrated promotion in China

The idea stems from the will to create a single reference to promote the internationalisation of Umbrian companies. The Umbria Trade Agency aims at promoting and supporting companies that operate in international markets providing services and products Made in Umbria.

This purpose of this project is to increase the visibility and consolidate the presence of Umbrian companies operating in the home/interiors industry (in the high-end market with innovative design) in the Chinese market. This three-year project will support these companies also by implementing promotional activities in Umbria aimed at Chinese operators, experts, and media.A larger number of Umbrian companies operating in different industries (agrifood, clothing, etc.) will have a special spot in a showroom in a prestigious venue in Shanghai during a series of promotional events that the Umbria Trade Agency will be supporting throughout the year.

Casa Umbria” will be located in the Xuhui District in Shanghai, one of the world’s economic capitals and the perfect place to ensure the success of this initiative. This former industrial district has been completely redeveloped and now houses important exhibition centres and shopping centres, such as the Grand Gateway Center Shanghai and the Pacific Sogo. This district is a solid point of reference for the home/interiors industry as it houses a large number of showrooms and shopping centres dedicated to interior finishes, furniture, and design.

Duration of the project

This is a three-year project that will enhance the presence of Italian companies through promotional activities aimed at Chinese operators, experts, and media.