The Umbria Region

Welcoming, fascinating, rich in history and culture.Umbria is a creative region ready to be discovered

Living the art

A precious corner of the world that has been built and rebuilt over the centuries, writing the history we can now discover, live, and admire.

Beautiful views, evocative glimpses, ancient towns and villages depicted by the greatest artists in Italian history in a simple and refined play of cross-references.

The landscape of Umbria

An uncontaminated corner rich in charm and beauty. Umbrian landscape is made of perfect shapes that intertwine in unique and unrepeatable expressions of nature.

Food & Living

A vortex of flavours, creativity, and passion, where joy and pleasure become everyday wellbeing.Umbria’s rich history of food and wine reflects the identity of this region.

Craftsmanship and Industry

Skilful hands, brilliant minds, futuristic ideas, excellent materials.Umbrian-made products are the pure expression of originality.